Wedding Video Production

Everything for LOVE!

That`s why we are here.  We are obsesses about filming. So, you are in the creative hands.

Just enjoy your time we will keep every happy moments for you to keep forever.

You will serve with the highest standard. Our professional filming and post-production skills, our range of HD equipment and creative crew ensures you get top quality every step of the way.

Our Shooting Style:

We will film the key moments such as the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dances with 3-4 cameras. This is the same whether its a one or two operator package. When a two operator package is chosen two cameras can be “manned” at one time rather than static shots. This is also helpful during morning preparations as we can be in two places at once.  We can supply a drone facility when required to capture Aerial footage. This is an extra service and different crew. Please check our website Packages section for more information.  We pay particular attention to audio on the day and close mic the celebrant and groom during the ceremony and where possible the speakers in the speeches too.

The main feature is an extended highlights film. These run form 10-15 minutes or so. Each one is different as each wedding is different. They usually include parts of the ceremony, speeches and dances as well as all of the artistic shots we capture on the day. The Ceremony, speeches and dances are supplied as stand alone chapters and are fully edited.